The Mission of God

Our God is on mission. In His great mission, God doesn’t make the discernment between caring for the family of believers and His desire to reach a lost world. It’s both. In kind, God calls us into His mission to make a difference.

Every gift God gives us is meant to flow through us to others. We’re living in a time when the world is getting darker. It’s not time to hide! It’s time to let God’s light shine in us and through us. The “Mission of God” (the missio dei) is both “to you” and “through you.”

Join the families of New Chapel for a brand new series of messages all about the mission of God.

Missio Dei, Part 1 - "God has a mission." (Pastor Joe Bevelacqua)

Missio Dei, Part 2 - “God’s mission where you’re at.” (Pastor Joe Bevelacqua)

Missio Dei, Part 3 - “The Mission needs a church.” (Pastor Joe Bevelacqua)

Missio Dei, Part 4 - “Show and Tell.” (Pastor Brian Cappiello)