Let's start this fall season right...

New Chapel-


The summer months bring so much freedom and fun, that often when it’s time to get back to a schedule, it’s a struggle to break the “summer slump!” 21 Days of Prayer & Feasting is a very exciting time for us at New Chapel. We know that when we focus on what God has for us in these 21 days, it is exactly what we need to recharge and prepare for the Fall Season.


This is 21 days of Prayer and Feasting - that’s not a cue to eat whatever you want, but your cue to grab a cup of coffee and jump into the devotional, pray, and grow in what God has for you.


We want you to be focused on the right thing during these next 21 days. Each day as you are participating, ask God who you are supposed to be praying for and who are you supposed to invite to church this September. You will notice that a lot of the questions after the scriptures point you back to people. It’s on purpose. During these 21 days, pray for that person and believe God for great things in their life. You have people all around you who fall into the same “summer slump,” but have no idea how to get out of it.


We want this to be effective for you. Below are all the resources you'll need to make the next 21 days life-changing for you and your family. I’m honored to take this journey WITH you-

Joe Bevelacqua

Pastor, New Chapel



Prep for your journey:


    A prayer circle is a group of two or three other people that serves as your daily accountability partners. They will know your goals and requests during this journey more than anyone else.  Whether it’s a quick email, text, or phone call, their role is to be closely connected to you during these 21 days. 


    We are having a special time of prayer at 8:30am on the Sundays of these 21 days (doors open at 8:15a). I encourage you to devote these weeks to really seek God - and do it with other people in our church. Something happens when God's people come together to simply pray. There's power in united prayer.

    Join us on August 14th, 21st, and 28th at 8:30am to pray with us.


    I'm so excited to be able to offer you this free tool! 

    I know it can be hard knowing where to start sometimes, so I wanted to make it easy. Join New Chapel each day of "Prayer & Feasting," by following along daily in this devotional. This devotional is going to encourage you in your Bible reading and your prayer life. To get your free copy of the devotional, just go to the Guest Services tent the next time you are at New Chapel.

    Just want a digital copy? Click HERE. 


    I personally love the NKJV, but the NLT and others are also great recommended translations. The translation is not what’s most important, it’s the simple act of reading the Bible regularly.  If you're just starting, a great option is 1 chapter in Proverbs, 1 chapter in Psalms and 1 chapter in John per day.

    To make it easy, try these links, or simply download the Bible AP to your phone




    If you have been around our church for any given amount of time, you know how much we love music. 50% of our time on Sunday is spent singing and worshiping God. This ancient practice does something in the spirit. I have created a public playlist using the internet radio platform called Spotify with some of my favorite music to listen to while praying, reading and worshiping. This might not be your preference of music, but it is a great start.

    We've created a playlist on Spotify just for this! 

    Click HERE to listen.