Here am I, Lord. Send me

Many are hurting. Aimless. Self-destructive… It’s easy to think, “somebody ought to do something!” when we’re confronted with the decay of culture. But: What if God is calling you? In a world that encourages us to build a life centered all around us, God is calling us into a greater mission. …Something higher. Join the families of New Chapel as we engage the frontlines of real influence. Let’s choose to make a difference. Let’s choose to say, “here am I, Lord. Send me.”

Here am I, Lord. Send me, Part 1 - "Throw the net again!" (Kiah Bevelacqua)

Here am I, Lord. Send me, Part 2 - "Return from Mission Trip" (Pastor Joe Bevelacqua & Pastor Erik Harvey)

Here am I, Send me: Part 3 - “True life is lived on mission.” (Pastor Joe Bevelacqua)