My friend,
Starting in October, our whole church is engaging in a spiritual growth initiative we’re calling, “Made for More.” This 42-day journey will focus our church on discovering and thriving in God’s specific purpose for our lives. Enjoy a copy of Rick Warren’s signature, “Purpose Driven Life.” This book is designed as a chapter-a-day 42-day journey toward purpose. As a church, we’ll all begin reading together on Sunday, October 2nd.

Here’s why I’m writing you about this:  Engage.

Our whole church is focusing on this journey toward realizing how we’re, “Made for More.”

NewKidz is teaching about purpose... Our weekend messages will center around purpose... The book you receive will have a road-map of Scripture verses to memorize, and “next steps” to help you engage.... Even our topic/curriculum- driven Small Groups are going to have discussion around purpose in every meeting!

This “spiritual growth campaign” is an opportunity for all of us to realize and affirm who God made us to be - that we are all truly made for more! Kiah and I love you & are praying for you!

As you go___________________!
Pastor Joe

You were made for more.

“Made for More” is a 42-day Spiritual Growth Campaign.

During your lifetime you’ll spend 21 years sleeping, 5 years waiting in line and 3 years in meetings.

Why not spend 42 days discovering your life’s purpose?

What does a "Spiritual Growth Campaign" look like?

> On the individual level:
Use your free copy of  “Purpose Driven Life” for the 42-days of devotions. Each chapter has a QR code that has a teaching from Rick Warren on the topic covered. Included also are next steps, and Bible verses to memorize.

> On the Small Group Level:
Our normal weekly Groups will have a theme of purpose added to their discussion.

> On the Church Level:

Focused teaching: We’ve centered our teaching on a single spiritual-growth theme. Hear a series of messages all about purpose during the 42-day Spiritual Growth Campaign.
Focused programs: We’ve reinforced the biblical theme of purpose with our weekend teachings, small groups, and personal devotions. We’ll also offer water baptisms every week of the campaign.

Focused congregation: “Made for More” will unify adults, students, and kids.

“Made for More” will engage multiple learning styles: hearing, watching, discussing, writing, and reading.

Made for More, Part 1 – "Finding Purpose." (Pastor Joe Bevelacqua)

Made for More, Part 2 – "Purposed to worship God..." (Pastor Joe Bevelacqua)

Made for More, Part 3 – "We’re formed for Gods family." (Pastor Joe Bevelacqua)

Made for More, Part 4 – "Created to become like Christ.” - (Pastor Brian Cappiello)

Made for More, Part 5 – "I am Shaped for Serving God" (Pastor Joe Bevelacqua)

Made for More, Part 6 – "I am Made for a Mission." (Pastor Joe Bevelacqua)

Made for More, Part 7 – "Clues toward my personal calling." (Pastor Joe Bevelacqua)

God has more for you.

Profound words: Everyone is somewhere. In our "Made for More" Spiritual Growth Campaign, we'll help you take your next step toward the purpose God has for you:

Make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life.

Get Water Baptized.                               

Go to New Chapel Connect.   

Join a Group.                                               

Join a GoTeam and serve.                       

Go to New Chapel Grow.

Grab a free copy of the book.

Read one chapter of this book a day. Don’t skip ahead.
Oct. 2 - 8 Chapters 1-7
Oct. 9 - 15 Chapters 8-14
Oct. 16 - 22 Chapters 15-21
Oct. 23 - 29 Chapters 22-28
Oct. 30 - Nov. 5 Chapters 29-35
Nov. 6 - 12 Chapters 36-42

Made for More Resources

Articles, Books, and Devotionals all about Purpose.


How do I know an opportunity is from God? Article | NewSpring Church

Does God have a purpose for my life? Article | J.D. Greear, Summit Church

Calling and Vocation Article Collection | Theology of Work


The Purpose Driven Life Book | Rick Warren

Free digital copy here.

Just Do Something Book | Kevin DeYoung

Don’t Waste Your Life Book, John Piper

The Me I Want to Be Book | John Ortberg


Discover Your Purpose Study | Dr. Tony Evans, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

What’s Next Study | Chris Hodges, Church of the Highlands

Tests to help reveal personality, gifts, and passions to articulate your SHAPE:
DiSC: 123test.com/disc-personality-test/
Spiritual Giftings: spiritualgiftstest.com/tests/
Enneagram: tests.enneagraminstitute.com  
Myers-Briggs: 16personalities.com

Should you fast during this Spiritual Growth Campaign? Click here for more information on fasting.

"The Calling Question" - Message from Pastor Joe