Let's build God's Kingdom. Together.

"Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven..." - Jesus

"Kingdom Builders" is a New Chapel strategic generosity initiative. 

Kingdom Builders are focused on showing compassion, reaching out, and advancing the mission of God in our time. It's a group of people who are passionate about making a Godly legacy as we give above-and-beyond financial investments into The Kingdom.  They have the gift of giving. Pastors set the vision for the church while leaders with the gift of generosity set the pace of it.

Kingdom Builders is open to anyone who feels called to invest in building God’s Kingdom by committing to give consistently to the Kingdom Builders fund over and above their tithe each year.

We invest in three main areas:

1. People

Outreach events & special Initiatives, benevolence & mercy, and leadership development

2. Places

2024 Goals include expanding seating capacity in the Auditorium, open up corridors in the NewKidz wing, upgrade AVL, and more.

3. Partnerships

Missions partners (Local, National, and Global) & Church Planting

It's proven: When we extend our faith and believe God for amazing things - He comes through!

Whether sending missionaries to the nations of the world, planting new churches, reaching out, or caring for the poor: We believe that as Christians, we are called to participate actively in the Great Commission. We're called to impact the world and building the Kingdom of God into every sphere of society.

Download our "Kingdom Legacy 2022 Report" here:

How did we do in 2023?

How do you participate and fund our "Kingdom Legacy?"

  1. Kingdom Legacy Offering Launch - Each year, we launch our next season of "Kingdom Legacy" with a special offering opportunity. This serves as the "first-fruits" of New Chapel's investment in all of our initiatives for the next year. The next opportunity is December 3rd, 2023 where we kick-off our next season of giving.

  2. Strategic Giving - Every time you give, you have the opportunity to designate a specific amount of financial support directly to Kingdom Legacy. These funds will be used solely to resource all of our Legacy initiatives. December 3rd is a kick-off for this giving opportunity - Kingdom Legacy lasts ALL year long.

"We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.

If your gift is... giving, then give generously..."

Romans 12:6-8

> People.

God’s heart for people is clear. He leaves the 99 to go after the one. We invest in people.

Exceed outreach events & special initiatives, benevolence & mercy, and leadership development from last year.

Our goal this year: $40,000

Outreach Events

  • Independence Day Outreach
  • Serve Day
  • Christmas Gift outreach
  • Grocery Giveaway (and more!)

"First Saturday Serve"

With the right leaders and direction, New Chapel can make a big impact on our community by engaging in community service projects on the first Saturday of every month. 

Additionally, we're believing God for:

  • Two Mass Media outreaches$20,000
  • To give all small group materials away for free - $1,500
  • Two new interns - $10,000

Projects & Places.

We have a passion to see our church facility used faithfully for ministry seven days a week.

God has called us to "Expand this House."

Expand seating capacity in the Auditorium, open up corridors in the family entrance, upgrade AVL, and more.

Our goal this year: $50,000

Auditorium Changes:

  • Remove hallway wall to yield more auditorium space
  • Build extenstion wall with additional set of auditorium doors
  • Infastructure accommodations (fees, lighting, finishes, etc.)
  • AVL upgrades: cameras, projectors, and the like. 

Family Entrance/ Corridor Changes:

  • Remove Walls/ Doors
  • Carpet Reception
  • Finish Molding
  • Remove Reception Wall
  • Move Daycare Check-In outside
  • Electrical Accommodations
  • Track Lighting

Additionally, we're believing God for a scissor lift. 


Together we move the Kingdom forward faster by supporting local, national, and global ministries.

Exceed missions (Local, National, and Global) & Church Planting giving from 2022: Our goal this year: $65,000

Pastor's Friend - Erik Harvey Ministries

Pastor Erik evangelizes locally, and globally. His recent trip to Pakistan saw thousands in attendance in open-air crusades. Through New Chapel's strategic partnership with Pastor's Friend, that trip alone started three schools, and two churches. > pastorsfriend.com/

ARC - Association of Related Churches

The ARC works with Pastors to plant life-giving churches. New Chapel itself was assisted financially by the ARC when it launched. 

Let's build God's Kingdom. Together.

Kingdom Legacy for 2024
New Chapel is a people who are passionate about making a lasting legacy as we give above-and-beyond our regular giving into The Kingdom of God.

The Kickoff for the next season of Kingdom Legacy is December 3rd, 2023

Kingdom Legacy 2024