“Expand This House” is a three-year journey designed to meet our need for more room by expanding to and renovating the adjacent 36,000ft2 building.

Together, we’ll live and give beyond ourselves. We'll commit to take our next step in order to expand our reach for the Kingdom of God.

A note from Pastor Joe...

Over ten years ago, in September of 2013, New Chapel moved from being a God-dream into a reality when we held our first church services in rented space at the Woodland Mall Movie Theater. We defied the odds to become a vibrant spiritual family. God has directed us beyond our own wisdom, blessed us beyond our limitations, and increased us beyond our expectations. New Chapel is no ordinary church. I know: The best is yet to come!

We never worked to merely build a big church – We fought to build a big people. This truth, coupled with God’s mission to reach lost people, demands us to make a move forward. Over the past several years, we have known God has more for our growing congregation. We have carefully sought the Lord’s guidance for our next steps in ministry. In God’s good time, we have come to this miracle moment.
The plan we set before you is His best for us.

Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; do not spare; lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes. For you shall expand to the right and to the left, and your descendants will inherit the nations, and make the desolate cities inhabited...”

ISAIAH 54:2-3

That passage has been God’s promise to us since we began this journey. With the purchase and renovation of the adjacent facility, we can expand our capacity. We’re so thankful for your support in the past. I know that together we can make a greater impact than we ever have before, for our families and in our community.

Kiah and I invite you to join us on this incredible journey.

As you go ______________!

Joe Bevelacqua

Pastor, New Chapel

Where we're at:

Some quick facts to get up to speed:
We purchased the adjacent
36,000ft2 building for $1,800,000.

We're going to renovate the facility without taking on additional debt.
This renovation will cost around $1,000,000 to accomplish everything required. 

We're launching the, "Expand This House" campaign to engage our church family in renovations.

On February 18th, 2024, 109 families pledged $1,027,167 over our three-year campaign.

CURRENTLY (5-2-24):
124 families have pledged $1,100,887 above Tithes & Offerings over 36 months
            $212,165 has been received.

Download the "Expand This House" Booklet

Download a copy of our Stamped Plans.

The "Expand This House" Vision:

Our Opportunity.

Our capacity for Sunday gatherings has been exceeded. This creates barriers for us to reach our region with excellence and intentionality, and it limits our time for ministry impact in our community. “Expand This House” is a three-year journey designed to meet our church's need for more room by expanding to and renovating the adjacent 36,000ft2 building. This is a God-sized task – It’s far beyond the ability of any one person, but we all can do something.


There are times in the Bible where we see God’s people come together to give above and beyond their faithful giving to the church. This is an example of sacrificial giving. Reaching this goal will take all of us. The Pledge Card you will receive during this series is a challenge to be prayerfully and financially involved in the vision of “Expand This House,” by making a financial pledge over a period of time toward the vision over and above your regular Tithes and Offerings.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the work of the builders is wasted...”

Psalm 127:1

What does the “Expand This House” journey look like?

  • Over three years, individuals and families make a commitment to give above and beyond regular giving.
  • These sacrificial gifts can be given weekly, monthly, yearly or all at once. The more resources we have at the beginning of the journey, the better position we will be in for this project.
  • On Sunday, February 18th, we are all coming together to make our three-year pledge.
  • The next Sunday, February 25th, is our “Expand this House Miracle Offering” opportunity. Each individual or family will bring their first and best gift towards their three-year sacrificial commitment.
  • From that time on, and as new families join our church, pledges and giving can begin.
  • We are absolutely convinced that if everyone does what God inspires them to do, we will reach the vision for the “Expand This House” project.


    > Why Now?

    Is it to get people saved and into God’s family? Is it to learn our Bibles? Is it to make disciples? Is it to love our neighbor as ourselves? Is it to care for the poor, the orphan, and the widow? Is it to plant new churches? Is it to fight against spiritual evil? …Simply: Yes.

    God has been calling more and more people to New Chapel and into a deeper relationship with Him, His Church, and His Word. We want to prepare for what’s happening — more and more people meeting the real Jesus and becoming part of our church family.


    > How do we expect to raise this amount of money?

    For some, the amount we’re proposing will seem very reasonable for the scope we’re undertaking. For others, it might feel like an overwhelming amount. We all bring different life experiences to financial and future-planning conversations. We move toward seasons like this with both faith and wisdom. In faith, we take each step put in front of us with an aim to be obedient and surrendered to what God is doing in us and in our church. In wisdom, we have relied on the experience and expertise of financial consultants, architects, and builders. Their insights, based on factors like the duration of the campaign, our congregation’s size, and our historical giving patterns, have helped put this campaign goal together with wisdom.

    A campaign of this magnitude may feel like a stretch for our faith and our giving, but it is not beyond wisdom. This is within our capacity. It will certainly take thoughtful consideration, prayer, and ultimately sacrifice from every person who calls our church home.


    > How will we utilize these new spaces beyond Sunday morning?

    We love this question because this is what it’s all about! Church buildings should be used for more than an hour on Sunday… Church buildings should be used all week long! We see a church with community spaces like a coffee shop and a playground. We envision continuing what we began with Chapel Ridge Daycare, by adding home school cooperatives and our own Christian School.


    > Will we wait for all of the money to come in before we start the projects?

    One of the cool things about Christians and churches is that, statistically, campaigns at churches have a high rate of fulfillment — Meaning: Christians fulfill their pledges (…Isn’t that the type of community you want to be a part of? So cool!). We’re not planning on all funds coming in immediately – We expect to see pledges come in over the full 36-month period. We’ll create a cash spend timetable based on what is pledged that will allow us to start right away. Our church has also been blessed with contractors and tradesmen who can donate labor and/or materials to help us begin sooner.


    > How do I give to the campaign?

    Over the next three years, you can contribute through any of the current ways we offer. This includes checks, cash, credit & debit cards, EFT, ACH, online banking bill pay, non-cash assets or commodities, transfers of stock, vehicle donations, and more. All the ways we receive contributions are still in play: giving through newchapel.com/give, in the mail, and the like. We are available to help answer any questions about giving you might have. You could leverage Year-End Giving to make your gift tax advantaged.
    You can give here.

    > What if the amount pledged is significantly over or under the target amount?

    We fully expect to reach our goal over the three-year giving period. However, we do have a plan if we don’t reach this goal. We’ll simply review and adjust our projects and wait for a future chance to bring them to life. Like: “Pivot!” On the bright side, if we surpass our goal, it provides a buffer for possible costs or any effects of inflation on projects that begin further down the road. And if, for some reason, anyone who has pledged faces unexpected changes that affect their personal goal, the additional funds can step in and bridge that gap.


    > What if I cannot give right now?

    Not everyone has the margin to give extravagant amounts – that’s okay! Our hope is that each person would embody 2 Corinthians 9:7 in their giving, “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” Like Pastor Joe always says, “This isn’t a pay-to-play!” You’re a part of our church because of your engagement, not your money. We get it: If you could you would, in the past you have, in the future you will. That said, there will be opportunities in the future to engage financially that might catch you at a better season.


    > Should I reduce my regular giving to support the campaign?

    We don’t want to “rob Peter to pay Paul” with this project. Our church has a ministry-focused general budget that depends on faithful Tithes and Offerings. Our hope is that this project will be funded by “over-and-above” giving, over a three-year period.


    > Can I use non-cash sources to fund my “Expand This House” commitment?

    Normally, cash & savings are the first sources that come to mind when we think about giving. In this day and age, we welcome creative ideas in fulfilling pledges:


    Mutual Funds


    IRA Distributions


    (Assets such as: vehicles, land, real estate, non-cash assets, commodities, or business holdings)

    There are often tax advantages to the donor when giving non-cash assets. For example, it is possible to reduce or eliminate tax liability on the appreciation of stocks by donating via a stock transfer. Please check with your tax advisor on these matters, and if you have any questions about using non-cash assets to fund your commitment, please reach out connect@newchapel.com.


    > How will financial progress be reported to the congregation?

    We plan to share updates at regular intervals throughout the year! You can expect to hear updates via email, on our church’s Facebook page, and in service regularly.

    Your call to action:

    "What are my next steps?"

    • 1. Decide to be a consistent Tither.

      2. Pray and ask God what He would have you pledge & give (over and above your Tithe) during the “Expand this House” campaign.

    • 3. Pledge Sunday: Bring your pledge card with you to church on February 18th, to pledge your support.

      4. Miracle Offering: Bring your best gift to launch this campaign in our one-time “Expand this House Miracle Offering” opportunity on February 25th.

    • 5. Be faithful and fulfill your commitment.

      If we all do our part and obey God, there's no doubt we'll realize the goal to "Expand This House!" You can give today: newchapel.com/give

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