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We're for people to connect with God

and to be raised to new life in Christ.

"We want to build a significant place for families to worship God

...Something for the next generation!" 

Pastor Joe speaking about New Chapel

The concept of vision for New Chapel has three parts: Mission, purpose, and focus. 

Mission gives us purpose. Purpose lends focus. Focus makes us effective. That's the goal. 


We believe the Church does not need “a mission,” rather “The Mission” needs a church. 

Therefore: Our mission is to fulfill “The Great Commission."

"Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation..." Mark 16:15

“…Make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you…” Matthew 28:19-20


We're for people to connect with God

and to be raised to new life in Christ. 


Every church has a calling to do evangelism, pastoral care, discipleship, and ministry. 

How New Chapel brings those things into people’s lives is key to the vision God has for us. 

Through weekend services, small groups, “Connect & Raise,” and the “GoTeam,” we see

people come alive, on the rise, on fire, and on the move toward God’s best for their lives.


Mankind’s Needs:God’s Plans:Our Focus:Our Best: We’re…
Know GodEvangelismWeekend Services  …Alive
Find FreedomPastoral CareSmall Groups…On the Rise
Discover PurposeDiscipleshipConnect & Raise…On Fire
Make a DifferenceMinistryGoTeam (Serving)…On the Move


Want to learn more?

Come to New Chapel Connect

“Let there be real harmony among you so there won’t be any splits in the church. 

I plead with you to be of one mindunited in thought and purpose.” 
1 Corinthians 1:10


Secondary Title

There's No Dress Code.

God cares more about the condition of your heart than what you look like. Feel free to dress up, or come in jeans and a favorite t-shirt, whatever makes you comfortable is perfect. We're a non-judgmental group who believes that connecting with God is the real key.

And, we will not embarrass you.

We don't ask our visitors to stand up or even to give money. If you want to slip in our service and check us out anonymously, that's ok with us. We also have a group of people that are ready to welcome those who want to connect day 1. 

So, grab a free cup of coffee, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and see if this is the church for you. When you're ready to find your role at New Chapel, we'll be ready to help plug you in.

We're Grand Rapids' church for new life: New Chapel

How is New Chapel Meeting Safely during this Season?

The Bible speaks very clearly about the power of gathering. We're taking all the extra precautions at all of our locations to manage our gatherings to be safe for you and your whole family. We have additional cleaning teams cleaning every public surface for your protection. To read an exhaustive list of the precautions we've taken, click here.

New Chapel is safely hosting weekend gatherings, as well as offering a "Drive-In Church" service for all those who wish to attend, as well for our (CDC designated) "vulnerable" group.

If you plan to attend one of our Sunday services, and you're able: Please bring a non-perishable food item with you for distribution to “Hand2Hand” for hungry kids.


    As we continue to safeguard your well-being, our team will be consistently cleaning high-contact places (e.g. common areas, toilets, door handles) to ensure all environments remain clean. We will also be disinfecting all surfaces and contact areas throughout the church in-between services with the use of a hospital-grade electrostatic cleaner. 

    What about the Café? Coffee?  

    We will not have our café; we will be offering disinfected bottles of "Starbucks Frappuccino" for free to those who make a Hand2Hand food donation. 


    Hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes, "wet-wipes," and the like will be provided throughout all visible common areas for your use. This includes guest services, cafe, kids check-in, and the bathrooms. Public doors now feature hardware that can be opened hands-free with feet. Toilets have seat-tissue dispensers. 


    It’s True - we like to give high fives and be extra friendly. In this season, we're going to greet and encourage each other with a wave and a smile. #ElBump


    In addition, we encourage those who have these symptoms, even if they are mild, to stay at home and recover fully instead of coming to service. If you have further questions, contact us at connect@newchapel.com


    During services offering buckets will not be passed. You may worship God with your tithes and offerings using the digital options found here, or by placing your giving into the offering podiums, or "drop boxes" at the doors after the service.


    In NewKidz, as is our standard protocol, we will continue to clean all of our toys and surfaces before, in-between, and after every service. We will have leaders operating the iPads for kids check-in for families. We will not be serving snacks to any of our kids classrooms this Sunday. For nursery, bottles will be offered if needed, as the parents desire.


    All church activities will continue as normal.  We will continue to work with local authorities to stay prepared and will communicate any changes as needed.