Family Matters

A series to help deal with our (crazy) families...

November 20 - December 18

Family is where we experience the “highs” and “lows” of life! 

…The joy of college graduations, and the agony of having family pictures taken. 

…From the fun of building a snowman and sharing cocoa, to the drama of shopping with your in-laws on Black Friday.

…From sincere moments holding new additions to the family, to raising kids in a culture that’s slipping.

It’s all important… We need help! 

Although families can (surely!) experience friction, family is also the source of our closest relationships and warmest moments in life. What are we to do with family that brings these highs and lows?

We invest in it.

Truth is: Family Matters.

Join the families of New Chapel as Pastor Joe leads us through “Family Matters,” a series of messages dealing with the challenging issues facing our family relationships.