Because Normal Isn't working

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Have you ever been guilty of living by default over design? It may reveal itself by a life that is overrun by an unrealistic schedule, or a life with scattered planning that is last minute - a life lived that feels void of momentum, accomplishments, and peace.

It’s truly something that our hearts wrestle with. There is a disconnect between what we know life could look like that clashes with our current reality. Here at New Chapel, we understand that balance is a myth. We strive to capture that magical creature called “balance.” However, Jesus died to give us an abundant life, not a balanced one. We want to show you how to lean into seasons that feel this way, because normal isn’t working.  

Because Normal Isn't Working - Part 1

"A Different Way of Thinking." 

Pastor Joe Bevelacqua

FIrst Wednesday, Aug 7th

"This Means War." 

Pastor Joe Bevelacqua

Because Normal Isn't Working - Part 2

"The Blessing Lives in Submission" 

Pastor Dan Stauffer - Next Level Church

Because Normal Isn't Working - Part 3

"A Different Way to Engage Conflict..." 

Pastor Joe Bevelacqua