The Safety-Security Team (SST) at New Chapel is a specific group who regard the overall safety of our both our leadership and the congregation as their main objective. The Safety-Security Team's focus and primary goal is to provide discreet and professional security services while blending into the fabric of the New Chapel community.


Chief Reginald Phillips (Director of Ministry of Defense, WOF) said, “An organized security presence around men of God has been mentioned in the Bible since Genesis.”

Their willingness to provide quality service to our church has helped create an atmosphere of confidence. The excellence displayed by our team members and ourselves is the foundation for our success. 


The keys to our churches continued safety that are highlighted below.

1. The Safety-Security Team is trained and attentive.

The areas of the church complex SST attends to are:

  • Interior of the building
  • Exterior of the building
  • Parking lot

SST provides the following services to the congregation, pastors and special/guest

speakers of this church:

  • Provide security to the congregation.
  • Security for collection and movement of all offerings from place of origination to location for counting.
  • When raining, escort people from their vehicles to the entrance doors with umbrellas.
  • Provide initial medical care (only by qualified personnel) when needed and assist EMS if EMS has been activated (if trained).
  • Assist the police.
  • Provide problem-solving assistance.
  • Monitor inclement weather.
Additionally, SST has been trained to address:
  • Critical Incidents (never occurred at New Chapel) 
  • Missing Children (never occurred at New Chapel) 
  • Power Outages (never occurred at New Chapel) 
  • Telephoned Threats (never occurred at New Chapel) 
  • Fire and Evacuation (never occurred at New Chapel) 
  • Medical Response (never yet needed at New Chapel) 
  • Emergency Protocols (never occurred at New Chapel) 

2. The Safety-Security Team is equipped.

SST is equipped with some of the items listed below (and others not mentioned):

  • Select Members are uniformed, and armed; others are not uniformed.
  • SST has access to a network of Safety Cameras in our kids area, and Security Cameras throughout the complex
  • SST Members do not keep a notable patrol schedule, though all areas are monitored at all times. 

3. Notable Security Policies at New Chapel

To be above reproach, New Chapel has policies and procedures that guard against undesired situations:

  • The only attendees allowed in the kids area during service is be minors from birth-5th grade and approved adult leaders (with two background checks, interviews, and training). 
  • The "The “Two Adult” Rule applies to all leadership: Minors will not be with children alone, meaning two leaders need to attend to classrooms, etc. It is a high standard at New Chapel for leadership to never be alone with any minor that is not their child, or under their legal care at any time.  As a leader New Chapel, the expectation is to be a person of integrity and avoid even the “appearance of evil”.
  • Only women change diapers in nursery. 
  • We employ the use of "Safety Cameras" in our Kids Ministry.

If you have any questions about Safety or Security at New Chapel, e-mail