“There is a Christian Classical Alternative To Public Education and Secular Indoctrination”

Let's homeschool with class.


  • Kiah Bevelacqua

    As Kiah’s eldest was approaching school age, rapid change in society removed government school as an option. There wasn’t a Christian School that worked – both because of location and cost.  Like many other moms, she wasn’t sure if she could school her kids at home (especially with four young children). That was until she found real homeschool community. Today, Kiah leads the New Chapel Homeschool Cooperative. It’s her heart to show other families:

    It can be done!  It can be done well.  

Classical Conversations


New Chapel Homeschool Cooperative utilizes Classical Conversations as our primary tool. Each Wednesday during our regular Academic Calendar, our age-appropriate groups meet to learn rhetoric.



Enrichment is offered on Tuesdays to supplement the Classical Conversations curriculum. Each Tuesday during the regular Academic calendar, students meet to study topics like Art, Music, Choir, Math, English, foreign language, and Creation Science. Enrichment also offers “Legacy Lessons.” Legacy Lessons will teach topics like carpentry, sewing, farming, baking, and the like. 

A real partnership.

“New Chapel Homeschool Cooperative is a true partnership between parents and the church - the only two institutions ordained by God to teach children. Our goal is to raise the next generation of Christian leaders so that our heritage may be passed on to future generations.”
– Joe Bevelacqua
Pastor, New Chapel


Your family does not need to be a part of New Chapel in order to join the New Chapel Homeschool Cooperative. We welcome other like-minded families to our community.

Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission

We’re for students to connect with God, and to be raised to new life in Christ.


Our Vision

New Chapel Homeschool Cooperative partners with parents to cultivate well educated young people who graduate at their potential. We address the needs of the “whole-person” when we approach our students needs. We prepare the next generation of Christ-centered leaders and citizens.


Our Values

We are committed to helping students develop a faith of their own amidst social and cultural pressure. We are committed to a vibrant partnership with parents by providing them with resources, support, and community to aid the growth and development of their children. We encourage growth in God-given talents through co-curricular contributions. Our values are best articulated in our "Seven Distinctives."


Our Seven Distinctives:
Christian, Classical, Conservative, Church-based, Culture of Excellence, Community of Families, and Cost-affordable.


Christ is the center and the starting point of all learning and wisdom.  Students are taught to view all of life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ with systematic theology. We provide an education rooted in God's truth that helps our students grow into Godly adults who love and honor Him. Education is not just about acquiring knowledge, but about knowing God in a deeper way. When young people know and trust Christ, they will form character and values that will last a lifetime. Our curriculum is consistent with our biblical worldview, and all subjects are taught with an emphasis on how they relate to God's plan for the world.


Our approach to education is based on the time-honored tradition of classical education, which has been proven over centuries to produce individuals who are well-rounded, intellectually curious, and able to think critically. Our curriculum is designed to be rigorous, yet accessible, and to instill in our students a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Classical education is aimed at developing virtue and character, and that students should be challenged to think deeply and to engage with the great ideas and works of Western civilization. Education is not merely accumulating knowledge, but growing in wisdom (how to apply knowledge) and virtue (how to apply knowledge with moral excellence).


We are committed to providing an education that is grounded in the principles of Western civilization, which are based on a respect for individual liberty, personal responsibility, and the rule of law. Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of logic, reason, critical thinking, and systematic philosophy.  We seek to instill in our students a sense of respect for the great thinkers and leaders who have shaped our world. We're educating with a fidelity to truth; that is: We're working to conserve our Christian and American Heritage.

We’re a Nation founded on Christian values.

We believe in American Exceptionalism.

We believe Freedom and Liberty come from God.

Family is the Building-Block of Society.

We treasure the Sanctity & Dignity of Human Life.

We hold fidelity to our Founding Fathers Wisdom & Vision.

We believe in Limited Government & Low Taxes.

We believe in Peace through Strength.

We believe in Hard Work and Free Commerce; therefore,

We are both Anti-Socialism and Anti-Communism.

We believe in the Potential within Every Individual.


As a ministry of New Chapel, the doctrine and convictions of our cooperative are guarded by the elders of the church.  This ensures that students are discipled according to God’s Word. We are committed to providing an education consistent with the biblical mandate of both the church and parents. Scripturally, God ordained only two institutions for the training of children. He ordained the home (in Ephesians 6:1-4) and He ordained the church (in Matthew 19:14; 28:20; John 21:15). As such, Christian schooling is a supplement not a replacement for the discipleship training of children by parents. We believe this collaboration, in the form of a Christian Education and schooling, is key to developing our young people grow in their faith and understanding of God's plan for their lives. We believe it is crucial to preserve our Christian heritage.


We are committed to both academic and spiritual excellence through a comprehensive curriculum while encouraging imagination and promoting the development of body, mind and soul.


We believe that parents have the primary role in a child’s education, discipleship and growth.  Therefore, we are a community of families who are involved and invested in the life of our cooperative.


We believe that a high-quality education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. As a result, we offer financial aid and scholarships to families who are a good fit for our cooperative and who need assistance to cover the cost of tuition. This is a benefit of being part of a group that is led by a church. Our goal is to make our school affordable to as many families as possible, while still maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence and spiritual formation.

God has more for our young people.

“…These words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.”

Deuteronomy 6:6–7

Timeless. Tested. Proven.

> About Classical Education

New Chapel Homeschool Cooperative finds academic fidelity in a rich tradition of education which has blessed God’s people for thousands of years.


Classical Christian education affirms that Christians must fulfill the command given by God in Ephesians 6:4, “Bring them [children] up in the discipline and instruction [Paideia] of the Lord.”  The “paideia of the Lord” is instruction in all of life with the Lord as the center and giver of all knowledge.  Therefore, at New Chapel Homeschool Cooperative, all subjects are taught as part of an integrated whole with Scripture at the center. 


Learning, indeed, is not compartmentalized; rather all subjects should be integrated as to give a deeper and broader understanding.  Students learn how literature and history and science and theology are related and are shown how all knowledge ultimately points back to God, the Creator of all things.  The selection of subjects of a classical school will also be focused so they can be taught with depth and integration.


Classical teachers model a Biblical Christian life. They encourage each student to begin and develop a relationship with God through Jesus by the Spirit. They have a love for learning and a passion to teach students as they say, “Follow me as I follow Christ.”


Classical Christian education encourages all students to develop a lifelong love for learning and attain their academic potential. They are challenged with the great books of western civilization, theology, philosophy, and history.  They learn to analyze books through the lens of the biblical worldview.  Books are curated in such a way to cultivate the mind and train them in virtue.


Classical Christian education utilizes the “trivium( a word to encompass the progression through grammar, logic and rhetoric). Utilizing this process of integration in all subjects enables students to leverage God-given strengths (displayed in children throughout the different stages of their life) can be capitalized upon. This not only helps in the gaining of knowledge but also teaches students the process of learning for the future, as subjects are taught from the foundation up.


> The purpose for Classical Christian Education:

The purpose of Classical Christian Education is to cultivate wisdom and virtue in students. It will grant them knowledge and inspire them to love the Lord through what they read and how they are taught, helping students become disciplined, responsible and virtuous adults. Classical Christian education will be a superior foundation in the student’s preparation for college or a career, although its focus is to produce a student who exemplifies a life of wisdom and virtue.


> The “Trivium” explained:

In classical Christian education, students move through the stages of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.  This progression is known as the “trivium.”  It utilizes the child’s development as it systematically helps the child not only to learn but it gives the student the tools to learn in the future.  The trivium works by building on a foundation.  Everything to be mastered has the rules or foundational information (grammar), how to utilize the rules properly (logic) and how to be eloquent in the use of that information (rhetoric).  In moving through the trivium, students are given the tools to learn for themselves while mastering the skills necessary to be a thoughtful, contributing members of society.


How does classical trivium relate to a students grade in school?

Grades K-4 deal with: "Who/ What/ Where/ When"    -    Grades 5-8 deal with: "Why"    -    Grades 9-12 deal with: "How"


In classical education, the elements (grammar, logic, rhetoric) of the trivium are designed to match certain stages of child development.

>> Grades K-4: "Who/ What/ Where/ When"

In the grammar stage, children love to chant, memorize and recite.  Education in the grammar stage is fact based.  This stage is not simply linguistic, but rather the basis of all subjects. The goal is to equip students with the foundational building blocks of education.   For example, the grammar of math would be arithmetic and the times tables.


>> Grades 5-8: "Why"

In the logic stage, children become curious and interested in argumentation, wanting to know, “how come”? Therefore, the academy teaches discernment and distinctions. Students begin to apply logic as they evaluate argumentation and learn to view information critically.   For an example, Wilson writes, “To see that a horse is not a duck belongs to the grammar stage. To see that a horse is a suitable animal to use in battle, and that a duck is not, belongs to the dialectic (logic) stage.”


>> Grades 9-12: "How"

In the rhetoric stage, children are concerned with appearances and how they seen by others around them.  They are taught how to present themselves – why something matters and how to best apply the two previous stages of learning.


About Learning Latin:
One subject which is more peculiar to classical education is the study of Latin.  As Wilson states, “Latin promotes mental discipline; it encourages literary appreciation; it leads to a mastery of English; it provides a solid foundation for preparation for Christian ministry.” Latin is a precise language which takes discipline to learn.  Wilson continues, “Long experience has shown us that the discipline required for learning another language, particularly Latin, is a discipline peculiarly suited for application elsewhere.”   Learning Latin helps students to better understand English grammar.  Latin has the added bonus that it is the basis of many of the early great works of theology, classic literature, as well as  science and medicine.


We develop the “Whole Child.”
God’s plan for developing children is shown through our “Whole Child” Philosophy in education. God is interested in development of our Spirit, Soul, and Body – The Whole Person/ Whole Child. This Philosophy is realized with our Spiritual, Intellectual/ Developmental, Physical Developmental, Social, and Purpose-Driven Goals.


A. Spiritual Goals:

New Chapel Homeschool Cooperative invests in students to become spiritually alive.

     Students who Know God.

     Students who Find Freedom in God’s Ways.

     Students who are Discovering their God-Given Purpose.

     Students who Prepare to - and indeed do - Make a Difference.


B. Intellectual/ Developmental Goals:

New Chapel Homeschool Cooperative invests in students intellectual development.

     Students who express themselves in many ways.

     Students who are independent.

     Students who have a love for reading, writing, and books.


C. Physical Developmental Goals:
New Chapel Homeschool Cooperative invests in students to be healthy and growing as God designed them.

     Students who are healthy and physically coordinated.

     Students who are curious and who want to learn.


D. Social Goals:
New Chapel Homeschool Cooperative invests in students to be socially adept. 

     Students will grow in emotional intelligence.
Students will grow to understand their civic responsibility.

     Students will gain an understanding of their community.


E. Purpose-Driven Goals:
New Chapel Homeschool Cooperative invests in students to believe that they can make a difference in their world with the definite purpose God gave them.

     Students who have a positive self-concept.

     Students will begin to identify their giftings.


Your family does not need to be a part of New Chapel in order to join the New Chapel Homeschool Cooperative. We welcome other like-minded families to our community.