Celebrate Easter at New ChapeL

Easter 2019  -  "Divine Exchange"

When Jesus was dying on the cross, he wasn't thinking about everything he wanted you to give up for him. He wasn't thinking about the sacrifices he could think up for you to make on his behalf. Jesus gave up his life willingly with the only thought of being able to give it all for you...

Free with a cost-Price that's yet paid-He gave his all-In the divine exchange. This exchange begins with salvation, but there is so much more he wants to give.

Easter is a fresh start. Easter is a new beginning. Not just for one- Not just for a select few! Jesus' cross and resurrection means there’s hope for all!  

Chances are someone invited you to check out this page and join us for Easter. Say, "yes" to their invitation! No matter who you are or where you come from, you’re welcome here. 

Join us April 21st at 9:30a or 11a for Easter at New Chapel.


Do you have kids? They will have a blast in our NewKidz environments (birth through 5th grade). 

Welcome home.