BEH – VILL – ĀCK - W’UH (Sorry, it's Italian!)

“Let's do this together! I’m a thirty-something husband, and parent of a growing family. I’m convinced more than ever that God can use normal people like us to do extraordinary things in our communities, and in our families.” -Joe Bevelacqua, Lead Pastor at New Chapel.

The Bevelacqua's Story

...Committed to God’s best.

In a small town about an hour north of Grand Rapids, Joe Bevelacqua was swept into a thriving ministry, which at its peak exceeded the population of the city it served. Mesmerized by the potential God could achieve in willing people, Joe accepted the call from God to enter full-time ministry and eventually plant a life-giving church.

...Passionate about family.

Joe and Kiah married as they entered into student and pastoral ministry at Victory Christian Center, in Tulsa, OK-under the leadership of the Daugherty Family.


With a unique mix of family backgrounds (especially Pastor Joe's (loud) Italian family) The Bevelacqua's knew they would one day begin a family of their own. The couple have one son, Aurelio, who is their pride and joy- and are looking forward to the next addition to their family (this June!) with happy anticipation.

...Focused on reaching people.

In 2013, with well over a decade in all levels of student, youth, and associate ministries, Pastor Joe and Kiah Bevelacqua planted New Chapel: A church with the focus to reach the un-churched, de-churched, and the far from God in the Grand Rapids Metro.


Their ministry, marked by a bright and bold style, focuses on the life-giving message of Jesus Christ.