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Parents - while you watch your service live, your kids can enjoy THEIR service digitally. Click below for your child's service.

After WAtching service, make sure to download your child's classroom craft, game or activity to do with them at home.

Preschool Easter Service

(2 years - 5 years old)

This month our preschoolers are learning all about how God loves them in our series "Lemonade Stand!" A lemonade stand takes planning and creativity. A lot of love goes into the planning, making the sign, building the stand, squeezing all the lemons, and making the lemonade. We are using this theme of lemonade stand to teach our preschoolers that God loves them and that God used a lot of love, planning and creativity when He created them. And just like once you mix the lemonade together, nothing can separate the water, from the sugar, from the lemon juice; nothing can separate us from God's love either. That's exactly what our memory verse tells us this month. It is found in Romans and says this "Nothing at all could ever separate us from God's love." Romans 8:39.

Tune into our preschool service for this weekend here.

Elementary Easter Service

(Kindergarten - Fifth Grade)

This month in Elementary, we are learning all about determination - deciding it's worth it to finish what you starting, in our series "Unstuck!" Sometimes we find ourselves in sticky situations. And when we feel like we’re stuck, we need to find a way to get out of it. We need to find a way to keep going. We need determination. We want our elementary students to know that it takes determination to get UNstuck and not give up, so we can finish what we've started. We want them to know that God can give them the strength they need to see things through! 

Tune into our elementary service for this weekend here.