Louder Than Words Offering

We’re serious about reaching out in our community - to back that up, we’re making our actions “Louder than Words,” in this annual special offering.  

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On Sunday, December 11th, we’re reaching out to the families in our community to bless them with a completely free event, themed around the hit, “FROZEN!” To do this, we need you! Sign up to serve for this special event!

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To sign up to serve, click HERE.


More-Self-Less Christmas Outreach to the needy.

This event provides a Christmas experience for those less fortunate by featuring a full meal and gifts under the tree. Volunteers needed either December 17th for set up, or for the event itself on December 18th. 

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To sign up to serve, click HERE.


Celebrate Christmas 2016

The most important way to give back is by investing in someone’s eternity.
Be intentional about inviting your friends and family to, “Celebrate Christmas 2016,” and watch God work in their lives!

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